These limited edition of vintage images and illustrations are printed on aged recycled paper and have a unique decorative character. 

The thick paper has been treated to give it a rich texture and unique vintage appearance thanks to its delicate crease and small irregularities. 

We love these Vintage Wall Chart for their uniqueness, their ability to transform any space instantly and for making us travel back in time to  some exotic places.

 The Wall Chart can be framed or simply hung with wood hangers (sold separately)


- 150 x 200 cm, $598: Tropical Forest ( landscape), Gibbons (landscape), Mangroves Black and White (landscape), Leopards and leaves (portrait), Red Monkeys (portrait)

- 120 x 120 cm, $395: Zebra, Blue Bird, Ouistiti, Leopards in the Jungle

- 90 x 120 cm, $295: Macaque  (portrait)

Material: aged recycled paper