Valerie Moreno, founder of Bastille and Sons,introduces her debut collection of limited edition contemporary lifestyle accessories and furniture, curated with love...
Toulouse born Valerie lived in Paris for “15 amazing years” before moving to Sydney Australia with her family.
"It was time to share my passion for unique French artisan homewares with fellow interior design lovers in Australia, through Bastille and Sons”.
Valerie has been looking for “the authentic and the beautiful” with a cool edge in areas such as Bastille in Paris, close to where she lived along with her husband Francois and their 2 beautiful young boys, the Sons. 
Now happily settled in Australia , Valerie travels to France often to seek out new products made in the pure French tradition.

She has befriended many young talented designers and their highly skilled craftsmen. “Every brand has it’s own story, a designer, a region, an authentic savoir-faire”

Bastille and Sons is an ever changing collection of the most desirable French products, including interior design “pieces” and accessories that are difficult to find here in Australia.

Workmanship and quality being paramount.

Valerie has the eye for newness and a unique talent for introducing colour into your home."We are all about making chic easy and accessible”.
Her beautiful collection helps you create your unique style
and understated chic by adding a touch of French without French Provincial cliches.
Relax is what it is all about to be chic and enjoy your own free spirit in your own piece of paradise...your home.

"This is our debut collection and stocks are limited, but we hope to inspire you and also hope you enjoy a creative (or little) journey around some amazing regions of France.”

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