Maison de Vacances revisit classic mottled Tweed pattern on thick heavy wool broadcloth for these unique and luxurious throws. Classic throw for understated monochrome luxury.


Emmanuelle Fouks and Nicolas Mauriac created Maison de Vacances 15 years ago in Paris. Since then, they have never stopped challenging home decoration established codes and habits. Their ambition hasn’t changed: “dress” our home and our everyday emotions, with the main purpose always in mind but without forgetting about accessories and the little details that make all the difference.
Their style is first of all a lifestyle, driven by desire. Luxury has a relaxed attitude and a sense of humour. Maison de Vacances style embraces life and season changes, allowing you to dress your home the same way you love to dress yourself, effortless chic and with luxurious texture.

Dimensions: 135 x 250 cm
Material: wool broadcloth and Mottled Tweed