New range of raw organic tableware, hand-made with a natural clay base. No mould or pottery wheels used here, the clay is rolled using a slab-roller.

The ceramic vessel is hand built and therefore unique: the appeal for its imperfections and simplicity lies in the organic shape, the natural texture and its raw high edges.

French-Israeli ceramist artist, Melissa Lellouche, creates her tableware collection  inspired by the beauty that surrounds her near Byron Bay. She believes that nothing is perfect, and so too is her pottery.
We are so excited to have her joining our ceramics collection!

The generous size of this presentation vessel will make a statement on the dining table or as a decorative vessel on a shelf or coffee table.

Generous sizes: 29cm diameter, 11cm height

Care: hand wash with mild detergent

Material: Terracotta clay with natural tone glaze