Graphic lines, deep colours and double finish effect matte and shiny, this retro-looking jug has been designed by Maison Sarah Lavoine and handmade traditionally by skilled artisans at Jars Ceramists in southern France. | Only 3 left!
colour:blue beetle Only 3 left!
Side table "Tam Tam" Only 3 left!
colour:Black Only 1 left!

Le Deun

Table light Le Deun

from $1,550.00

Designed by Maison Sarah Lavoine the embroidered lines of the cushion pattern bring depth, texture and define the modern personality of Daria cushion. | colour:white Only 4 left!


Cecilpila Chair

from $520.00

colour:Pink flamingos Only 4 left!
colour:Natural Only 2 left!
colour:white Only 4 left!
colour:Yellow On sale
Only 2 left!
colour:Blush/Bois de rose Only 3 left!