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French interior designer Sarah Lavoine embodies the Parisian spirit: smart, chic and timeless.
Her exquisite range of furniture, soft furnishing, tableware and lighting is classic and elegant with a vibrant colour palette dominated by Sarah's signature blue and luxurious textures like velvet, wood and brass. Every piece is crafted by the best artisans.

A new French art de vivre, contemporary and sophisticated, but always welcoming.

Basile Tray:

The curved edges of Basile trays are not without remaining the beauty of the French landscape.The deep black contrasts with Sarah's blue signature colour and the shiny lacquered finish captures light and attracts all the attention these elegant trays deserve. Mix sizes for maximum effect!

Dimensions: diametre 40 cm Small, 50 cm Large
Material: Lacquered wood
Colours: black and Sarah's blue

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