Maison Balzac hand made carafe set with glass is made following ancestral glass blowing techniques Only 2 left!
The Cecilpila chair lines embodied perfectly the 60’s vintage spirit: The chair’s simple and soft curves are modern and functional yet comfortable. The chair comes with a certificate of origine attesting the authenticity of its design


Cecilpila Chair

from $520.00

Designed by Maison Sarah Lavoine the embroidered lines of the cushion pattern bring depth, texture and define the modern personality of Daria cushion. Only 4 left!
Rosanna Spring soft cushions and original trays will add a soft touch of nature to your home decor. Beetle and dragonfly decor Only 3 left!
Padded Ipad case designed by Maison Baluchon a brand of high-end, handmade accessories exclusively made in France in the pure tradition. 100% cotton and leather Only 4 left!
Graphic lines, deep colours and double finish effect matte and shiny, this retro-looking jug has been designed by Maison Sarah Lavoine and handmade traditionally by skilled artisans at Jars Ceramists in southern France. Only 3 left!
Maison de Vacances very unique product marries the comfort and practicality of a light duvet with the delicious sensation of washed linen. Ideal for winter nights,Ultra light and comfortable, the washed linen duvet acts as a soft luxurious cocoon Only 4 left!
There is a lot of softness in the round and harmonious lines of the Ovo mirror designed by Maison Sarah Lavoine.The simple black oak frame brings strength and modernity to the mirror. Only 2 left!
Designed by Maison Sarah Lavoine, this elegant rattan mirror brings a fresh and elegant take on vintage. Only 2 left!
Designed by Maison Sarah Lavoine Riviera ceramic vases have soft ceramic curves, their stripes reminding the 50's French ceramics. Hand made, they have been glazed one by one by skilled ceramists, as a result each piece is unique. Only 3 left!
Designed by Honore Deco, Alba is a unique artisan made chair with a vintage feel thanks to its inviting round shape, the mix of natural raffia and soft pink velvet cushion with buttons Only 2 left!
Designed by Honore Deco and handmade in Morocco, Tam-Tam coffee table combines simple shape with beautiful material: gold iron with marble for a very contemporary look. Only 4 left!
Designed by Sarah Lavoine for her recent project the Roch Hotel & Spa in Paris, the Sabine light is a simple and elegant perforated brass table light. Only 4 left!
Atelier Le Deun’s simple geometry lighting are designed and manufactured by a highly skilled team of artisans in the heart of Paris. simple eye catching geometrical forms , they showcase a vibrant single line of LEDs Only 2 left!

Le Deun

Table light Le Deun

from $1,550.00