There is just something about seeing a little flash of red of a sole on the sidewalk, other than the feeling of obscene jealousy you manage to pull yourself together and humor yourself in the
understated red detail that screams French Lux, quality, and prestige. When I lived in Europe I used to dream of owning a pair of Christian Louboutin’s -sadly my feet were too big and my bank balance too small for such frivolous purchases. Alas! There is an accessory out there parading around with the abovementioned essence of French taste, quality and red contrast for more practical yet super stylish spenders - cue: Maison Baluchon!

Perfect for those French fashion fans ready to take the first step down that path of treating yourself without burning a hole in your wallet, but if you do you’ve got a great excuse to buy one of these. Head designers of the label Nathalie Vidal and Toma Bletner look the part of a funky collab-ing duo and the accessory market should thank them for what they’re bringing to the table as fresh styled patterns and indulgent touch of contrasting red as lining their signature element.

The region of Champagne is infamous for authentic and artisanal craftsmanship (not only for the bubbling variety) and this is the setting for Maison Baluchon HQ, meaning excellence is innate in the hands that sew Maison Baluchon range and allows the rouge splash without the cash, yet demands attention of the best kind. Maison Baluchon’s pledge quality assurance through maintaining a close proximity throughout the duration of your individually hand finished clutch, ipad or laptop case. This exceptional eye for quality starts from the initial selection of fabrics, stitching to hardwearing zippers with an exterior that will be guaranteed not to be seen anywhere else in your workplace or on your night out.

Each accessory's genesis hand drawn and intricately designed, the prints painted by Lea Le Pivert’s who shares with us her inspiration and interpretation of nature and wildlife, within the French boarder and beyond.

Understandably, Maison Baluchon has been featured in Elle France, Japan and Netherlands and has taken a new look encompassing bold and buoyant unique designs that are crisp, fun, quirky, not on mass and that bring a statement piece into your staples!

This fresh label style is a stand out addition to any outfit or purse, practical and prints absolutely what is needed to lift your mood heading into the winter.

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