Velvet. Let it sit with you for a bit – velvet. Initially, the colour maroon comes to mind for me, that’s not a good thing. I think it’s to do with a pair of corduroy maroon velvet culottes I had when I was about seven. I’ll let you in on a secret, I wasn’t that cool in school so wasn’t actually being fashion forward. Unlike maroon, velvet has adapted in a way that now gently suggests we take a second look, then petitions we have it - even if just a smidge. It holds its own. It is bold yet subtly sleek.                        

                                         The Humming Puppy yoga studio - Sydney 

And because of this unique characteristic, velvet crosses home décor genre, from Italian renaissance to vintage - now, modern high fashion gloss.

                                                           Hotel Providence - Paris


Like most things fashion dictates the direction of interior trends, and this year is no different. Welcome velvet! Last year the catwalk gave a taste of the ‘how to’ of velvet from a fresh vantage. From subtle touches to the extravagant, velvet has been revived! And the decadent appeal of this luxurious fabric now works for everybody.





              Sketch London- India Mahdavi

Velvet demands attention! The intricacy of its manufacturing creates a fabric that changes effect at each angle the light hits it-practically a fabric chameleon as it drapes and folds in different positions. Coming into winter a dash of velvet is just the classy, cozy number your lounge or bedroom will thank you for.



           Souda Brooklyn Design- 

                                          Honore croisette armchair - Bastille and Sons 

So, question now isn’t do you want it- I’m telling you do! The real question is how do you make it work for you and incorporate velvet in your current style?

For the novice velvet expressionists, start small, the hot tip from the catwalk is – accessories. We’re talking décor and interiors so try cushions or throws for that soft, luxurious, silky smooth addition.



Maison de Vacances Jacquard velvet - Bastille and Sons

For the more game, hit it with clean lines and timelessly shaped furniture, an occasional chair or lounge – this way the fabric is the attention seeking and not too OTT (over the top). You want velvet to be in the main attraction so look for a pastel or bold toned velvet in combination with brass, platinum, marble and light natural wood (keeping in mind your style and other pieces you’re teaming it with).



  Honore Croisette armchair- Bastille and Sons

If you’re not sure where to start, Bastille and Sons have done the hard work hand selecting the velvet range, from French artisan, to try - your way. Indulge the velvety possibilities. 

Jump in, face first, here for the Bastille and Sons velvet collection.

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