The Art of l'Apéro: welcome the warmer weather the French way, with friends, food and a ritual très français, l'apéritif. What l’apéro is not is formal: there are no knives and forks, no seats at the dining table. But don’t forget presentation: it's an opportunity to create a moment of beauty, with carefully-chosen and chic tableware. 

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Five typically-French Decorating Habits –And how you can steal them for yourself


1.Forget about perfection: Coordinated chairs, matchy-matchy colours, sets—these things are decidedly un-chic. A nonchalantly-tossed throw on the bed is far more natural than a bedspread set; a sofa that’s asking to be sunk into feels more authentic than one with 25 matching cushions.

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Rattan Revival

Maison Sarah Lavoine has done it again—Riviera her chic new collection has us hitting refresh on a retro favourite.

Sarah Lavoine is a modern-day alchemist. Honestly, everything that wonderful, talented, insanely chic woman touches turns to gold, from her signature custom blue shade, to her latest offering: a fresh take on often-kitschy cane.

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