Chair crush - Why the Croisette armchair has our heart

Right in the heart of Marseille bustling seaport sits the Honoré Déco boutique, the city’s chilled coastal vibes providing the perfect inspiration for the owners to create a stunning collection of unique home décor products.
 Dynamic mother and daughter duo Annick and Ingrid are the designers behind this chic label. Their family has creativity running through their veins, and their relaxed, understated attitude to interior design flows through each and every piece they create.

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Meet Maison de Vancances' unique approach to timeless home décor


Partners in life and in work, Nicolas Mauriac and Emmanuelle Fouks are the creative minds behind Maison de Vacances’ chic range of French home décor products. They take a free spirited and unconventional approach to designing their textiles and we love how they aren’t afraid to step away from the confines of symmetry and perfection. They believe your home décor should take cues from your mood, experiences and emotions. They don’t believe in following any mass-produced trends, instead, each piece they design is honest, unique and tells a story of the artisan skills that were used in its creation.

We spoke with them about their passions, inspirations and dreams for the future


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Home decor: velvet, revamped and fresh vantage!

Velvet. Let it sit with you for a bit – velvet. Initially, the colour maroon comes to mind for me, that’s not a good thing. I think it’s to do with a pair of corduroy maroon velvet culottes I had when I was about seven. I’ll let you in on a secret, I wasn’t that cool in school so wasn’t actually being fashion forward. Unlike maroon, velvet has adapted in a way that now gently suggests we take a second look, then petitions we have it - even if just a smidge. It holds its own. It is bold yet subtly sleek. And because of this unique characteristic, velvet crosses home décor genre, from Italian renaissance to vintage - now, modern high fashion gloss.



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