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Take a step into Sarah Lavoine's alluring and colourful Parisian




Over the years, we’ve beyond admired how Sarah Lavoine has imbued her contemporary aesthetics, elegant design codes and passion for craftsmanship into each of her collections. For us, when it comes to Parisian taste, Sarah Lavoine has defined a new era of interior architecture and French living. A harmonious blend of new and vintage, bold and subtle colours and playful shapes - her vibrantly composed interiors and collections are never short of elegance and refinement.



“No house should be designed with one theme all over” - one of Sarah's beliefs that we too live by. Organic forms, natural materials and a sense of calmness on the wall, set apart the salon from the other rooms, and highlight the natural light coming in. Rattan side tables, ceramic vases and a touch of velvet in the Leo ottoman - pieces that all translate to a joyful art de Vivre. 



As a designer and colourist, Sarah’s ethos is all about bringing happiness into a space and sparking joy with each project. Whether it's through interesting materials like rattan or stand out colours like ochre, the motto at Maison Sarah Lavoine is that “Happiness is a Lifestyle”. 



The iconic Parisian architecture flows from the outside in, and oh what a view of the rooftops of dear Paris. Looking over the Eglise Saint-Roch, Sarah’s balcony is the restful green nook we all need in our lives.


Daring colour palettes, bold elements and a sophisticated Parisian style - are all the iconic design features we see in every Sarah Lavoine’s creation. Her exquisite range can all be found exclusively on our store.

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