Welcome the warmer weather the French way: with friends, food and a ritual très français, l'apéritif.

There are only a few things that the French take seriously—and l’apéro is one of them. A simple but significant ritual the entire country has cherished for generations, l’apéro is a true symbol of summer: relaxed drinks and nibbles shared between family and friends before a late dinner. Everywhere from tiny villages to the biggest cities, you’ll find the French practising this art de vivre at cafes, on the terrace, in apartments, or under the shade of a dusky garden. 


L’apéro is all about long, light evenings characterised by the creation of fond memories, top-notch food and drink, and, of course, an opportunity to create a moment of beauty, with carefully-chosen and very chic tableware—like Maison Sarah Lavoine’s new summer collection.

Some days, it might look like a drink before a meal, at the restaurant :"Monsieur prendra un aperitif?"

Or perhaps it’s a catch-up at a friend’s house, with drinks and snacks, before going home for dinner: "Tu passes prendre l’apéro à la maison?"

When you’re ready to go full apéro, we keep things informal but offer so much food you won’t be able to eat dinner. It then turns into an "Apéro dinatoire" 

What l’apéro is not is formal: there are no knives and forks, no seats at the dining table. Instead, this is all about unwinding from the day, sharing nibbles, eating with your fingers and absolutely no cooking (phew).

So as the weather warms up on this side of the world, why not take few apéro cue from the French?

Step one: grab some traditional aperitif foods: cheese (bien sûr), charcuterie (saucisson is a must), crusty bread, crudités, pate, and moreish olives.

Step two: Add a good serving of drinks, wine of course (rose is a go-to in Summer), champagne,  or even a spritz.

Step three: Don’t forget presentation: it's an opportunity to create a moment of beauty, with carefully-chosen and chic tableware—like Maison Sarah Lavoine’s  elegant plates, beautiful glasses and colourful napkins all artfully arranged.

Take a seat, turn on some lovely music (may we suggest  "Il fait chaud" by Corine? )  and crack open that wine. 

Chin Chin!



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