Partners in life and in work, Nicolas Mauriac and Emmanuelle Fouks are the creative minds behind Maison de Vacances’ chic range of French home décor products. Their collection of textiles combines masculine and feminine, and colour and texture, to create timeless pieces that challenge many traditional interior design clichés.
Nicolas and Emmanuelle take a free spirited and unconventional approach to designing their textiles and we love how they aren’t afraid to step away from the confines of symmetry and perfection. They believe your home décor should take cues from your mood, experiences and emotions. They don’t believe in following any mass-produced trends, instead, each piece they design is honest, unique and tells a story of the artisan skills that were used in its creation.


We spoke with Nicolas and Emmanuelle and they shared their passions, inspirations and dreams for the future. Photo © Gaelle Le Boulicaut, Olivier Fritze
Where does your creative passion come from?
When we prepare a collection, we never look for what’s going to be the next trend. Instead, we focus on how we can share our intuitions and feelings with others, how we can make them desirable and loved by others.
We create all Maison de Vacances’ collections together. As a result, each product has a double genetic identity, both masculine and feminine. Having said that, we aren’t too keen to be defined through the products we create. Instead, we want our customers to re-interpret the products their own way, in their own environment.
Above all, we like mixing surprising encounters and unconventional luxury. We have always rejected the old-fashioned clichés and we believe it’s the exact reason why our collections and the décor we create is very unique.


What inspires you?

Everything that is not directly related to our work! Music, literature, cinema, landscapes, dreams, new connections and re-interpretations to be made here and there. All of our collections and the images we create are full of future dreams, souvenirs, and are an insight into our past experiences.

Tell us a bit about the making of your collections?

We feel very strongly about quality and the ‘made in France’ label. We have placed ethical values and savoir-faire in the centre of our creative work, always fighting for economical, political and socially ethical best practices, for both our production and for the luxury industry.

When we produce outside of France it’s never for a price reason, but for a know-how expertise and savoir-faire excellence. For example, we have been developing some fabric in Italy because their artisans and factories had the specific skills we were looking for to help us develop our new creations.

Is there a material or texture you prefer to work with?

Because texture is at the heart of what we do, we always try to bring a real added value to all the material we develop. We work a lot on materials – metallisation, quilting, washing, dyeing, in order to bring some visual and tactile effects to it. We use a lot of linen for example, solo or mixed with other material; linen is part of almost all of our products. We love linen’s natural eco-friendly qualities and the unique, relaxed and effortless chic it brings to any fabric. We also love its ability to enhance the colours we develop. Our linens are carefully selected from the best European linen flax, all certified Master of Linen, which is the endorsement for high quality and ethically responsible production.


A creation you dream about?

We mostly dream of collaborations; a collaboration is like a big bubble of oxygen! It’s always very exciting to be able to share the creative process and to be able to leverage other people’s technical skills and artisanal expertise. Last year for the 20th anniversary of Maison de Vacances, we developed a beautiful and limited edition light in collaboration with Jean Luc Le Deun (Le Deun lighting collections are available at Bastille and Sons). In the future, we still need to create a sofa to place all our cushions on!

 Describe your perfect Sunday, what are your favourite locations in Paris?

In the morning, a must stop is Le Marche Bio (Sunday bio market), on Boulevard Raspail, 6th arrondissement, to bring a healthy start to the week. Follow this with a trip to near by fantastic little wine shop, La Faute au vin, 83 rue du Cherche Midi, which specialises in natural, biodynamic wines.

We love eating at Cibus, 6 Rue Moliere, in the 1st area, a tiny Italian restaurant with authentic family cooking, made with organic seasonal products. Then, the best way to finish the day would be sipping on a spritz on a barge on Seine river: Le Rosa Bonheur Sur Seine, Pont des invalides, near Alexander III Bridge.


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