Marseille, midi chic


Marseille, midi chic

 Located on the shore of the Mediterranean sea, Marseille is an incredibly bubbly city, and France second biggest city.

Crowned European Culture Capital in 2013, Marseille has been in constant movements since, with its new museum and art galleries, trendy new shops and restaurants, you could nearly forget to spend time relaxing in the beautiful Calanques , these spectacular rocky Mediterranean “fjords"

The MuCEM, by architects Rudy Ricciotti and Roland Carta, is a museum dedicated to the cultures of the Mediterranean. Stop by his restaurant, le Môle Passedat, located on the sunny terrace, with breathtaking views on the sea (7 Promenade Robet-Laffont, 13002)

Marseille, midi chic
Le Corbusier Cite Radieuse, and the MaMo ( for Marseille Modulor) on the roof-terrace, a contemporary art centre, created by the designer Ora Ito.(Cite Radieuse, 280 Bd Michelet, 13008)

Egg: Elsa, daughter of Annick Lestrohan- Honore Deco- presents a carefully curated vintage collection, that she customised elegantly (121, rue Sainte, 13007- same address as Honore Deco)
Maison Celeste: an intimiste shop, conceived like a little house to present beautiful designers objects (120 bd de la Corderie, 13007)
Jardin Montgrand: a new concept store of 300 square metres with contemporary design objects and a peaceful garden where you can enjoy “Vanille Noire” delicious ice creams (5 rue Montgrand, 13006)

Marseille, midi chic

Jogging: behind a former butcher shop, the newest concept store in Marseille, presents fashion and design latest creations, very “avant-guarde”…103, rue Paradis, 13006)

Manufactures Françaises (and Maison Empereur): in the heart of the colourful village surburb “Le Panier”, a collection of traditional, in temporal french creations and iconic objects, all made in France, with nostalgia. (13, rue du Panier, 13002)

Marseille, midi chic

Bijoux Lucy Luce, simple and hand made silver and gold jewellery, engraved with poetic words (92, rue de Breuteuil, 13006)

AM, not to be missed, the young chef Alexandre Mazzia who has recently won some Michelin stars, plays with your emotions in a beautiful wood and concrete decor
(9, rue François Rocca, 13008)

Marseille, midi chic

Le Poulpe, decorated by designer Francois Champsaur, a “locavore” restaurant where every product comes from less then 200km away. Chefs and childhood friends Michel Ankri and Michel Portos will delight you with fish and other sea products (84, Quai du Port, 13002)

Marseille, midi chic

La Releve proposes typical brasserie food, ideal for lunch, in a place decorated by Annick Lestrohan from Honore Deco (41,rue d’Emdoume,13007)
Chez Georgina: finalist of Masterchef, Georgina cooks with talent and passion sunny and delicious meal (72, rue de la Paix-Marcel-Paul, 13006)

Villa Yvonne, at the first floor of a beautiful house from the 30’s, a 3 bedrooms apartment has been fully renovated and tastefully decorated with art and designer pieces. (
Casa Ortega , few minutes away from le Vieux-Port and close toSt Charles train Station, 5 rooms, all different and decorated with 20th century vintage. (46, rue des Petites-Maries, 130010
Hotel C2, designed by architects Claire Fatosme and Christian Lefevre, this renovated 19th century building proposes 20 modern bedrooms full of light, a spa, a patio dressed with a vegetal wall, and some private concerts (8, rue Roux-de-Brignolles, 13006)
and of course, Casa Honore, Annick Lestrohan’s delightful house, next to her shop Honore Deco, offers 5 bedrooms wrapped up around a lush courtyard and a pool. (123, rue Sainte, 13007)

Marseille, midi chic
Casa Honoré- ©sisters agency

Bon Voyage! and don't hesitate to tell us your own discoveries in Marseille!

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